Sales !| Soldes !

So this is the best time of the year for so many people.

If you were good, you probably saved enough money to spoil yourself with all the crazy bargains out there.

But if you have been naugthy like me, you are broke and scare to get into the stores and look at the price tags of the items you bougth at the begining of the season full price. 😦

Either way since is too cold outside to do anything else…I went to the Mall anyways  this past weekend, but I have to say I was very good, no big damages were done. 🙂

Hope you guys enjoy yourself during sales season!

Some really nice windows, you see the scary face...that's me, after finding a dress at 50%, that I paid full price for 😦

what 70% off?

Be afraid, be very afraid...

Kisses Paola.

Esta es la mejor epoca del ano para mucha gente.

Si has sido bueno y guardaste tu dinero, puedes consentirte con todas las locas ofertas que hay en estos dias.

Ahora si has sido traviezo como yo, tu cuenta bancaria esta vacia y tienes miedo de entrar a las tiendas y ver las etiquetas con los descuentos de las piezas que te compraste a principio de la temporada a precio completo :(.

Pero como hace mucho frio afuera para hacer otra cosa que ir al Mall este fin de semana la he pasado ahi, cabe mencionar que no hice danos mayores en mis cuentas:)

De cualquier manera concientanse durante esta temporada de ofertas.

Besos Paola.


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