Trends: The Vest

This past weekend talking to one of my friends, she mentioned that she was looking for a vest, so I did some research and found this amazing tool on the h&m website.

So take a look  are some of this outfits. You can go on line and create your own, you even have a price for each outfit depending of the pieces you add.

I just love, give it a try and tell me what you think? Kisses Paola

Este fin de semana platicando con una de mis amigas, me menciono que andaba buscando un chaleco, asi que hice una busqueda y me encontre en el sitio web de h&m este instrumento increible que te permite crear tus propios looks, con el valor de cada conjunto, dependiendo de las piezas que agreges.

Me encanta, pruebenlo y diganme a ustedes que les parece? Besos Paola





One thought on “Trends: The Vest

  1. My first comment 😉 I went to take a look on H&M website last night and I had so much fun choosing different clothes to create outfits, more you have the price of each piece, it’s great! Do you know if most of that stuff’s available in Canada?

    Ju xxx

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