14 Pieces 12 Combinations| 14 piezas 12 combinaciones

How much fun is this?| Que divertido es esto?

We are always thinking we don’t have enough clothes…well at least me 🙂

So I’d like to show you a sample of what you can do with 12 pieces, how amazing, imagine been able to pack your suitcase and go on a trip looking amazing without having to pay extra for over weight.

So once more get inspire, all this items are available on line at shopbop. Kisses Paola

Siempre estamos pensando que no tenemos sufiente ropa, bueno almenos yo 🙂

Con este articulo espero que se inspiren y vean todo lo que se puede hacer con 14 piezas basicas, imaginense que increible, podremos viajar sin tener que pagar exceso de equipaje y aun asi vernos super fashion.

Espero que les guste, dejenme sus comentarios…Besos Paola

Click on images to enlarge

Image source: shopbop

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