Trends: The Jean Boyfriend

The boyfriend jeans arrived a while ago and some of us have decided to adopt it,  one of the first celebrities to wear them was Katie Holmes, and thanks to her everybody started talking about them and wearing them.

What are they? : like their name the look and fit is as if you would have taken your boyfriend jeans, relax fit.

I like them a lot, it gives me a break from the skinny jeans, I feel on fashion and I have space for an extra cheesecake piece 🙂

So do you guys love this trend?

Tip: You can actually go to the guys jean department and grab a pair…Why pay more?

Here are some celebrities on their jean boyfriend! And some looks for you to try from Quiksilver to h&m.

Click on images to enlarge

Katie Holmes

The trendsetter Katie Holmes

Jennifer Aniston



Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum

Jessica Alba


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