Boutique Suggestion: Where to Buy a Cute Summer Dress?

This is the result of a search for  cool dresses for a friend that is going to the beach next week anybody jealous? I am.

I mean I found so many that I couldn’t just pick one so I let you guys choose your favorite.

Since I didn’t want my friend to go all around the city from store to store…because I am really sweet 🙂 I decided to find a boutique with many options. Hope I did my job well. I can’t wait to see your comments…Kisses Paola

All the looks are from French Connection and the prices are not bad either. Remember FCUK has stores all around Canada.

Visit their website for more information.

Image source: FCUK


Not a dress but too cool to not be posted

Shorts to go with that first cool top 🙂

Je pense que tu vas aimer celui-ci, My friend will like this one

Some Nautic Stripes

So sweet


Another cool top

To go dancing...quien dijo salsa?

For the Night add some glitter

Just a Sexy LBD!


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