Spring #1 item… yes number 1 The Trench Coat

Styling the trench coat

The History

 When British troops wore a modified version of Thomas Burberry’s raincoat in the trenches during World War I, the iconic “trench coat” was born. D-rings, epaulettes and leather wrist and collar straps were added to Burberry’s 1901 design to create their uniforms. Today the Burberry trench coat remains one of fashion’s most coveted pieces.

Why you need it now

The TC defies age and era, looking as fabulous today as it did when Audrey Hepburn wore one in Breakfast At Tiffany’s. Lightweight, weather resistant and eternally chic (look at Kate Moss), this season the look is cropped below the thigh and in punchy shades.

Style to suit you

Avoid bulky fabric and shapes and ensure the cut follows the line of your body without being too tight. It should also cinch in at the waist then drape into a subtle A-line at the hem. If you are short in the waist, wear your belt low to elongate the torso. Full busts should pass on fussy breast pockets, while broad shoulders should avoid wide lapels, puffed sleeves or narrow shoulder seams. Everyone should give OTT shoulder pads a miss. Those with narrow shoulders or wide hips should look for traditional trench features, such as epaulettes and large lapels, to help balance out their shape. The truly stylish turn up the collar slightly, scrunch up the sleeves and knot the belt rather than use the buckle. They also know to tie the belt at the back with the buckle hanging loose when wearing the TC open. (Source the Sydney Morning Herald).

You can find them in all shapes & prices, from Old navy to Burberry

Enjoy…Kisses Paola


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