Semaine de mode Montréal / Montreal’s Fashion Week

Montreal Fashion Week

Better late than never …Hurry up!

Where :

Marché Bonsecours
338, Saint-Paul Est


March 1st to march 4th 2010


Here are some of the designers

Monday March 1st

Mélissa Nepton
Nadya Toto
Muse par Christian Chenail
Marie Saint Pierre      sold out

Tuesday March 2nd

Coccolily by Naana Tennachie Yankey
Harricanna par Mariouche & Chlorophylle
Dinh Bà Design
Envers par Yves Jean Lacasse
Bodybad by jude & J.U.D.E
Ève Gravel

Wednesday March 3rd

Annie 50
Katrin Leblond
Myco Anna
Dimitri Chris

Thursday March 4th
Ralph Leroy

Montreal Fashion Week
How to get last minute tickets

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