My last trip/ Mi ultimo viaje Orlando Florida Walt Disney World

Well where to start, other that I need an extra week to get over that last week.

It was really a lot of fun, but it was vacation for our kids, the weather was not ideal either šŸ˜¦ but I did get to shop a bit for the trip and during the trip which is always good.

Our hotel was just across the street from the coolest shopping mall…I will just say one word Neiman Marcus…yes Neiman Marcus was across my hotel, I just had to walk a few steps, cross the street and I was there. So close & so far.

Of course I ended up not going šŸ˜¦ Yes after all that sweet introduction I didn’t go. I was too scared of myself, unfortunately I haven’t been able to win over my uncontrollable desire to shop, shop and shop.

I have promise to controlĀ myself, so you don’t bring a food addict to a Buffet right? That’s why I decided it was better for me to not go. I still bought some cute stuff and enjoyed shared very good memories with my family which is better than shopping at NEIMANĀ MARCUS… oopsĀ did I write that in capital letters?…I can still shop on-lineĀ from the comfort of my bed :).

Kisses Paola


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