Who said working outfits had to be boring/Quien dijo que vestirse para el trabajo tiene que ser aburrido?

So this time I wanted to be more girly, I decided to wear my new “froufrou” skirt that I didn’t get the chance to wear during my vacations, I am wearing it with a white tank top, my suit jacket to dress it up, tights and my black patent leather Gucci pumps.

By the way froufrou is  going to be big so stock on some cute froufrou pieces so you look extra girly.

The weather was so great 3 degrees actually amazing isn’t it? Those who live in countries with long, cold, winters will understand.

I can hardly wait to start wearing summer clothes, I know, I know not so soon, but I am starting to prepare by doing a good closet clean up. And I suggest you to do the same, now that you are aware of  the trends for this upcoming seasons you can decided what to keep and  maybe what to give away to make space in your closet for your new pieces 🙂

I went outside and had the pictures taken by one of my sweet co-workers.

Hope you like it.


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