Trends: The Girlfriend Look

What happens when your guy looks like he took some items from your closet?

You know the boyfriend look since quite a while now, lose, relax, oversize pieces that look like you borrow  them from your other half. 

But what happens when they start dressing like they borrow clothes from you? 

I am talking about this not so new trend that is actually getting more and more popular…”The girlfriend look”. 

I mean I don’t mind my boyfriend wearing pinks or pastels, I actually encourage him. It’s nice to see guys in this tones, more during the summer days with a nice tan, you know. But what about guys with “mini-shorts” or “mennings”. 

Anyways I let you judge is up to you to decide 🙂 

The mennings, masculine version of the leggings.

Here are some of the trend setters: 

Russel Brand



Cristiano Ronaldo and his man purse

Robert Downey Jr.




I have some more :0   

Shiny mini-shorts

I thought you may enjoy this one 🙂   

and one last one…..   



Remember to have fun and enjoy life, through fashion, through love, through friendship…Kisses Paola    



One thought on “Trends: The Girlfriend Look

  1. oh gawd! ha ha ha! im totally fine with guys wearing mennings but the shiny mini shorts and the man purse!? cmon on cristiano! thaousands of girls love you for your masculine body why ruin it?! ha ha ha!:p

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