Trends: Mens Wear Inspired-Shoes

image source Saks Fifth Avenue

I mean first the boyfriend jeans, later the boyfriend t’s and now the boyfriend shoes…

I love this trend for once we get to be on fashion without the pain 🙂

Beware this is a very cool trend to pair with ultra feminine flirty skirts or dresses, you know to create a contrast with the boyish look… A really girly top and mini-shorts also a do.

So let me know how you like them…This trend is going to be even bigger next season, Attention I didn’t say the name of next season, I have promise myself to not call it till is really here, you now the one with the F..l. 🙂

For now let us enjoy the 1st day of the summer yeahhhhhh!

Kisses Paola.

Hola amigos les presento una tendencia que bueno es logica despues de los jeans boyfriends, las camisetas, solo nos faltaban los zapatos.

Recuerden acompanar estos looks con ropas super femeninas, para realzar el contraste.

Esta tendencia sera aun mas fuerte la proxima temporada, atencion no estoy mencionando el nombre de la proxima temporada, esta prohibido hasta que su llegada no sea inminente 🙂

Ya saben esa temporada que empieza con O….o en fin disfruten de el primer dia de verano.

Besos Paola

The trend setters…
I love adding pix of how to wear this trend.

Best for favorite look!

Image sources: instyle magazine, browns shows, aldo.


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