Café des Éclusiers

Part of the view

Another 5 à 7

The speedboat way to make an entrance!

I had talked to you on my last post about the 5 à 7 in Montreal.

This thursday was the turn of le café des éclusiers always a classic.

I have to admit with the temperatures so high it was kind of tough at the beginning but later on as the afternoon progressed the wind started to blow.

Located at the old port of Montreal it has one of the best views, you can enjoy some classic coktails, thursday is 2 per 1 rosé wine for girls and in case you are hungry you have some girllades prepared on the bbq.

Oh and before I forget you can also bring your bathing suit!


My friend Rudy & I


BR halter top, A&E Jean skirt, Miss Sixty sandals, Lacoste shoulderbag & Prada sunglasses

Let me know about your 5 à 7 …Kisses Paola


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