Another 5 à 7

The place: terraces bonsecours

The occasion: to celebrate my husband’s b-day (husband not pictured). 

The drinks: All kinds of Sangrias! 

The snacks: Amazing nachos! 

After the 5 à 7 we had some dinner at Kitchen Galerie. 

The menu : All kinds of yummy sea food dishes! I had Shrimps Linguine. 

The ambiance: 10 ( of course the company was great) 

My friends continue the evening to W hotel but I had to called the nite early this time 😦 

Here are some pix of my evening…Kisses Paola 

The fantastic 4

The view, Old Port Montréal!

The girls

Cheers with prosecco!

The classic one with my sunglasses indoors

Romantic message sent through the waiter to my husband sitting at the bar with his friends 😉

All pix taken by my friend Rudy part of the fantastic 4 …Thanks Rudy. 


Top: Miss Sixty 

Jeans: Miss Sixty 

Sunglasses: Miss Sixty 

Shoes (not pictured) : Miss Sixty and BCBG I brought my flats in my purse (Rudy’s advice) too save my feet!


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