Let’s talk make up!


I love make up. Which girl doesn’t right? I usually go for every day natural make up, a bit of blush & lip gloss only!

But when the night  comes 🙂 I go for the whole thing, and by whole thing I mean, big eyes with maskara, liner  etc.

I usually wear a very light foundation on top of my favorite cream, I have a dry skin so to prevent make up from dissipating, I have to apply a good cream before anything else, my cream has to adjust to my skin depending on the season.

For instance during summer time I can apply something ultra light but when winter arrives I need something ultra rich.

My favorites brands are Avène and Vichy since I don’t get pimples when I switch  yeah!

The Aqualia Thermal line from Vichy  is great for thirsty skins!

Let’s cut to the chase…all this to tell you that I got some new make up that I love…

Benefit has the nicest tones of make up and the sweetest packages, I am not sure if I bought  it for the package or …oh who cares is fun to have new make up.

My favorite is my new eye make up is call big beautiful eyes and on the box is written : You’ll thank us later …luv it! It comes with instructions  on how to apply  wow! Too cool…

On their web page you can find the section beauty school with tutorials on how to apply your favorite products, That’s the kind of school I need it 🙂

 Anyways let me know how you like it and have fun next time you go shopping for make up…Kisses Paola


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