Our Love for Vintage

Have you realized that everything lately is vintage?

Vintage jeans, jackets, make up, music, films…everything comes back and don’t get me wrong I also love vintage. But I can help to wonder why is that we love vintage so much.

We still like new stuff, we have this urge to go shopping every day, well at least I do 🙂 , but now we go shopping for new vintage. You just have to go to any boutique today and take a look, what do you see?

The answer is new items in the form of old items, vintage looking bottles of perfume, vintage picture frames…so pretty by the way.

Vintage 80’s style dresses by american apparel (costumer’s favorite), high waist skirts another favorite, leggins…hello leggings, so vintage…. puffy dress, puffy skirts, puffy pants, and what about puffy shoulders, if I would have known shoulder pads were going to be back I would have raid my mom’s closet…so sad I didn’t.

What about music, my favorite Michael Buble and his revamping of the old classics, the same classics our grandparents or even great parents used to hear, imagine your grandma been serenaded by the same song you are serenade with today. (if you are lucky to be serenaded).

Which brings me to my next subject: Vintage Romance.

Why do we love so much to watch those old films…I myself personally love vintage men class…and I am sorry if I offend some men, but what about that kind of passion display in gone with the wind OMG! I would die to be kissed à la Scarlet Ohara 🙂 while wearing one of her dresses of course.

You know when you grandma tells you: they don’t make them like in her times, if you don’t get it just watch a vintage romantic film and you’ll get it. I do know it is a film by the way but still.

When I look at my favorite grandparents picture, a vintage one of course black and white, back in the 50’s in the park holding hands, sounds simple right but he looks so handsome well dressed, with his perfect hair standing tall next to her, my grandma so pretty with her vintage dress and that vintage allure of pure love and happinnes….oh so romantic.

I am a fan of vintage and that nostalgic felling that you get just from looking at anything that sends you back to the past, specially when you are sent to a good memory, like the smell of your moms perfume, you know the one she use to wear when you were a little girl and you were stealing her make up.

I used to lock myself in my mom’s bedroom and spend hours in front of her dresser with this huge mirror and play with her stuff, put on her make up, put on her perfume do my hair and try on her dresses…the same new vintage dresses I find in the boutiques today!

Now I get it, that’s why I love vintage…

And you why do you love vintage?

Kisses Paola.


3 thoughts on “Our Love for Vintage

  1. Love the post!!! 🙂
    En effet le vintage revient en force de plus en plus, car on a besoin de douceur et de revenir sur des beaux moments qui ont marque notre enfance ou adolescence.
    C’est sur que pour ce qui est de l’amour, ca a bien change nowadays lol

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