Back from vacation!!!

Hi everybody I am back! I was gone to visit my family during the holidays in México and to spend a couple of weeks under the sun 🙂

I have to admit it has been the toughest come back ever. Been away for over 20 days in nice and warm temperatures and coming back to Montréal to a -20 something 😦 , I mean you have to live it to understand it.

All of you guys that live in warm countries have no clue what it is. So enjoy!

Now, I am back at home with a nice tan that I can not even show off, since I have to be all covered up 😦 .

But anyways I love Canada and Montréal and if this is the price to pay, I’ll pay it…I just hope I can get to wear my new bikini soon again.

I leave you with some great pix of my trip hope you guys like them.

I promise to come back and write soon!

I have the best addresses to shop in Cancun so stay tuned!

This is me on the beach with my new pink bikini!The viewThe sea

The hotel

The beach

More beach!


Kisses Paola…Hasta pronto.

My burberry bikini

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