Rachel Fortin Luxurius and Recycled…Really? Wow!!!

I had seen Rachel’s work in local editorials, but it wasn’t till the last Braderie de mode Québécoise that I got to see some of  her stuff in person. I also met Rachel in person yey added bonus :). 

She is not only talented but super sweet…I fell in love with this black leather vest but unfortunately I waited to long to buy it 😦 . So my advice is when ever you fall in love with any of  her pieces get it right away.

Made from recycled materials: from fur hats and amazing handbags to jewelery, Rachel  has it all.

Thanks again to The Braderie for all the incredible finds and the opportunity to meet in person so many talented  local designers.

Extract from Rachel’s website:

 rachel.f. isn’t just a name branded on a recycled leather and fur accessory line company. It’s also the alter ego of a young girl from Chicoutimi who dreamed of being a Paris fashion designer when she realized she wouldn’t be a child for the rest of her life.
 “La petite histoire de Rachel Fortin ne dit pas si sa passion de la fourrure vient du fait qu’elle a grandi au coeur la nordique région du Saguenay – Lac St-Jean. Et elle ne mentionne pas non plus si l’idée de travailler uniquement à partir de cuir et fourrure recyclé pourrait découler du fait qu’elle fût élevée par une gentille famille d’ours brun. Toutefois, les faits sont là … “

Images credit: http://www.rachelf.ca/

Rachel & I at La Braderie.

Hope you guys love it as much as I do…Kisses Paola.


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