About Me

Hello everybody welcome to my blog.

It’s been a long time since I started thinking of  creating my own blog, I know there are many people out there like me, that love fashion and I will love to be able to share my own experiences, finds and latest buys with you.

Fashion is a very unique way to express ourselves, and I really enjoy expressing myself.

I don’t describe myself as a shopaholic, but other people do 🙂

I think what ever your style is…is yours and even if somebody else wears the same dress that doesn’t mean they look like you, so you be you and express yourself.

I was born in Mexico, and I’m currently living in Montreal Canada, that explains the choices of languages, but I also speak french & some Italian, so feel free to leave your comments in any of this languages. Kisses Paola.

 Hola amigos y amigas Bienvenidos a mi blog, tenia tiempo que tenia el gusanito de creear un espacio para compartir mis experiencias de moda, estoy segura que hay muchos que como yo encuentran en la moda una forma unica de expresarse.

Yo no me describo como una shopaholic, pero otras personas lo hacen por mi 🙂

Vivo en Montreal Canada pero naci en Mexico, asi que he decidido escribier este blog en Ingles  y en Espanol, pero hablo Frances y un poco de Italiano asi que pueden dejar sus mensajes en todos estos idiomas.

Espero que lo disfruten y dejen sus comentarios.

Besos Paola


11 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hola Paola!!! Congratulations!!! I really enjoyed your pix!!! I am dreaming about those fabulous Pradas!!! Keep up the good work!!! From one fashion lover to another….. Elena xoxo

  2. prima!! cmo lo pormeti aki estoi jeje =)
    i looove the blog!!…k padre k hicieras algo asi i aunq bueno hay cosas k aca no nos llegan m doi una buena idea d las tendencias jeje 🙂
    a ver cuando m toca volver a visitarte i asi cmprar i cmprar…cn tu ayuda por supuesto =)

  3. Hey I really like your blog and I hope that you would be kind enough to follow mine also. I started a for profit charity called Recycled Lifestyles.

    Please let me now what you think.

    Y naci in los estados unidos pero so chicano porque mi abuela nacio in Mexico.

    What part of mexico are you from.

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