More Fall inspiration!!!


Layers and ankle boots yes!

Kisses Paola


Some Fall Fashion Inspiration!

Whether we like it or not Fall is upon us and I don’t know you but I find Fall the most fashionable season of all.

Endless possibilities for layering, the coolest shoes, fabrics, accesories…you name it!

So even though I love the Summer, Fall is really a cool season to dress up and go all fancy schmancy 😉

From FashionTV enjoy this video with some cool Fall fashion inspiration.

And you are you ready for fall….Kisses Paola

Trends: Arm Fashion / Arm Party

This season is all about arm power

Wherever we look there they are bracelets, bracelets, bracelets & more bracelets.

Being myself since ever a fan of arm power or wrist decor I am glad about this new trend.

So I hope you like it…kisses Paola


  • The more the better.
  • That is the  only rule, they don’t even have to match…Fantastic.


The original creator of the term arm party, Leandra Medine aka Man repeller.

Here are some images via refinery29

Trends: I Want… I Need


My new love by Marc Jacobs

Flowers & Ruffles yessss!!!!

Coming soon…update me in my new bikini, kisses Paola


From the moment I saw it I knew I had to have it. I was feeling bad for buying a new bikini once again, so I went and reorganized my bikini drawer (s) and realize I didn’t own a ruffles, flowery bandeau bikini 😉

So after I got reassure this was an absolute necessary purchase, well here I am! (also is my first Marc Jacobs bikini) totally necessary purchase you see… Kisses again, I hope you are all enjoying your summer!

Trends: I Want…I Need Palazzo Trousers.

Mom what did you do with your old clothes?????

This is my problem #1 my mom didn’t keep any of her clothes for her daughters.

This is my problem #2 I am keeping way too much clothes for my daughter.

This is my problem # 3 I want Palazzo Trousers, the same exact ones that my mom wore back in the day…Help!

These are the ones from back in the day...Remember 😉

Let the search begin.I will keep you posted in my finds…

These are the modern version…I want them soooooo bad

And you, will you wear palazzo Trousers?

Update I found them 😉

Kisses Paola


My Dresser


This is a little sneak peek of my dresser, here is where I keep most of my accessories!

I love to have everything diaplayed for morning or evening inspiration…;)

Kisses Paola



This are some cool ideas to organize your jewellery





La planète mode de Jean Paul Gaultier de la rue aux étoiles

Musée des Beaux-Arts Montreal (Montreal’s Museum of Fine Arts)

Jean Paul Gaultier was born in 1952 in Arcueil, a suburb of Paris. As a teenager, he made sketches of two collections a year, taking his inspiration from fashion magazines, films from the interwar period, and 1960s television programs like Dim, Dam, Dom that covered fashion. His maternal grandmother owned a television, uncommon in France at that time, and she let her grandson watch whatever he liked. He developed a critical and analytical sense of fashion, as well as his own design vocabulary. Fascinated by unusual Parisiennes, Jean Paul Gaultier created a new look and favored unconventional types of beauty: “As a child, my attention was always drawn by those women who didn’t look like everyone else…”

To keep reading his bio, follow this link

I was very happy to be able to assist yesterday to the 5 à 7 at  the Montreal’s Museum of Fine Arts and have a look at some of the master pieces that Jean Paul Gaultier has created through the years.

I was so amazed with all the details, but most of all I was amazed by his avantgarde creativity.

There is not one piece that you can place or connect to a specific time, all of the pieces are magnificent and timeless.

We see Lady Gaga in one of  her crazy outfits today and we gasp…hello we are in the year 2011, Jean Paul’s pieces from 30 years ago are exactly what she is wearing today, talk about futuristic fashion vision.

The exposition is divided in following categories:

1. L’Odyssée de Jean Paul Gaultier
2. Le boudoir
3. À fleur de peau
4. Punk Cancan
5. Jungle urbaine
6. Métropolis

This is just a small sample of  images!


There are film projections on the faces of the mannequins and speakers so you can see them and hear them talk!

He has dressed so many women, from all shapes and ages and that what makes it so extraordinary, they all look and  like superstars…

I fell in love with so many pieces, the closer you look at them the more you think … how did he made this, what moved him?

Every piece is so unique, but he manages to bring it all together.

Working myself in a very creative environment I know how cool it is to see your thoughts materialize. See your ideas come to life it’s so gratifying…but needless to say it also takes a lot of hard work!


So if you have the chance to live or travel in Montreal pass by, it is worth the trip to the museum 🙂

Here you have the link for more information.

I went straight from work and forgot my camera so forgive  the quality of my images, since they were taken with my iphone.

BCBG MaxAzria Dress, BCBG MaxAzria Gladiators, Furla Candy Bag, Channel Glasses.

Rudy & I

Enjoy…Kisses Paola

Trends: I Want…I Need Update!!!

Little up date from

I got the pink one thanks to my sister that while on vacation in europe went to all the Furla Boutiques she could to finally find it on her last day.

Is that perseverance or what?

Here you have it!!!

P.S I also got a new pink watch to go with it 🙂

My Furla Candy Bag and I

I love it btw…Kisses Paola.