LOOKBOOK ZARA Spring-Summer 2010

I have to share this with you, some of the pieces are already in stores now.


With the mild temperatures upon us :). It is a most to review the looks of this spring-summer 2010. It really does feel like spring lately.

Once again ZARA presents a very nice and affordable collection, if you guys have followed the trends presented in this blog, you’ll see that this season ZARA is the place to shop, easily the one-stop shop destination. Everything under the same roof.

Khakis, Trench Coats, Military, Marine, Floral, Shorts I mean they really have it all. I passed by one of the boutiques today I have to let you know it was crazy, people are just going nuts, so hurry up!

Little heads up the down town Montreal  store is under renovations, only women’s is available and I am not sure if the have the whole collection, so you can visit the Rockland Center store to make sure you get to see it all…Kisses Paola.

Tengo que compartir esto con ustedes la nueva coleccion de ZARA Primavera-Verano 2010, ya esta en tiendas, y esta de lujo.

Si han seguido de cerca mi blog y los post con las tendencias que les he ido presentando, despues de ver estas imagenes no les quedara duda que ZARA lo tiene todo bajo un mismo techo y a precios realmente accesibles.

Asi que apurense antes de que se agoten sus piezas favoritas…Besos Paola

I also love the braid 🙂


Spring Trends: DKNY Cozy

When springs arrives and you have no clue of what to wear to protect you from the drafts…or just an excuse to buy a new hot piece.

I present you the DKNY cozy…with a self-explanatory name this piece is about feeling comfy is not your mom’s wrap nah, nah, is more than that is soft materials with amazing colors. This is for sure one of the most of the season.

They show you on their website all the ways to wear it, they have videos to explain every style how cool is that?

Hope you enjoy it and have fun with your cozy 🙂

Here are some of the images from the dkny website


You can find similar wraps at other retailers make sure that the front layers are long enough so you can play with them.

Anyways I have to go but I leave  you with that, let me know how you like it…Kisses Paola